Saturday, December 29, 2012


...After that I ran into my room and grabbed my jacket and tennis-shoes. I slipped them on as fast as I could and ran out the front door. I climbed in my sceaba and reached out to close my sceaba door, but first I heard a different door slam in the house. Oh no, I thought, sucking in my breath. Mom is coming already. I slammed my door and then slid the keys in the ignition and turned them. The engine responded right away and I geared it into fast mode. I drove around Mom’s sceaba and out into the street. 
I glanced at the review mirror to see where Mom was, and finally noticed a shadowy figure standing at the window. I had to take my attention away from the mirror, though, to avoid crashing into a tree.



A few minutes later, the reporter began to talk about another news story.
“As many of you may know,” she said. “There have been more sightings of Kasues, the evil man who has been teaching false beliefs. K.D.C associates say that he must be corrupted by evil spirits... “Marilla Spagh had been sick with corinor disease, but her last check-up showed completely negative signs of the sickness. Marilla claims that Kasues healed her and she even believes Him when He claims He is the Son of Hallah!”
“THE SON OF HALLAH?!” I exclaimed... “He is here!Just then Mom came through the door... “Who’s here?” She asked, coming into the living room. I did not answer her right away, because a video of the top leader of the K.D.C. had just begun playing on the screen.
“Kasues is a threat to all of the Great Planets,” My mom said on the screen, her voice grave. “He is evil, and we must eliminate him from Kila immediately.”

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Trust posts will now be posted only once/twice a month.

A few hours later I woke up. I groggily lifted my arm and looked at my watch. It was all blurry because of the tears still in my eyes, and I wiped them hard on the sleeve of my shirt. I looked again, and almost gasped when I saw that it was four p.m. School was way past over, and people must have been worried about me. Especially my mom.
I tried to sit up, but by now my body was really sore from laying on the hard ground for so long. All of a sudden, I heard something. Crunch, Crunch, Crunch. My heart started beating fast. Was the mongoe coming back? “Kalina!” Someone was screaming. “Kalina where are you?!” Suddenly I felt relieved but terribly exhausted all at once. 
“Over here,” I croaked, my voice hoarse. My mom broke through the brush into the small clearing I was in, accompanied by a few other men and woman.
“Kalina!” Mom exclaimed. She ran over to me. “Kalina I was so worried!” 


Thursday, September 6, 2012


I forgot everything my mongoe book had told me and screamed. The mongoe let out a horrible roar and got even nearer to me. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw someone running towards the mongoe and I. Please! I thought desperately. Please help me! I screamed again, and then jerked my arm over my face as the mongoe suddenly lurched forward, teeth bared. And then everything went black.

The next thing I knew I was standing and almost being blinded by a burst of fireshine. I blinked a few times, then realized it really wasn’t fireshine that was shining on me. It actually seemed even brighter. Hmm? What is that!?

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Olympics Time!

This year, I'm really looking forward to the Olympics. Its actually only about a day away, can you believe it!?
        I think this is one of the first years where my family is actually celebrating the olympics; we're making flags, cupcakes, and even t-shirts! I am really excited.

Here are some photos of the activities we did:

Here I am drawing out my design on my shirt.

Mom was drawing for Carter.

Pictures of Carter's finished Olympic Swimming shirt.

Tyler's Basketball Olympics shirt

My gymnastics t-shirt.

Olympic cupcakes

Olympic flags

We had a fun few weeks of Olympics. Did you?

Exiting Experiences at the Zoo!

I know I have already made a post about the zoo, but that was in Tyler Texas. This time I went to the big Dallas Zoo with my brothers, Tyler and Carter, and my mom and my grandma. Here are some pictures and videos of the exciting things we got to see and do. 

We got to see a bird show!

Here are Tyler, Carter and I looking at some muskrats through a little bubble in the ground.

Woohooh! We got to ride on a camel named Mathew! The worker who led us around the pen said that this was Mathew's first year giving rides in public. Tyler sat on the hump of the camel, and he said that it was really scary.

Thank you Mathew!

We each climbed up on a fake elephant. There I am!

We even got to to pet giraffes! Mom didn't want to buy any lettuce for us to feed the giraffes, but one girl was really kind and gave us some.

We saw lions really up close! If it hadn't been for the glass in that restaurant, I probably could have reached out and touched them.

Whoa! Look at those teeth! The lion was yawning.

Here is a video I took of the lions.

Cool alligator!


Ew! Look at these huge snakes!

So as you can see, we saw lots of amazing creatures. Isn't it amazing how God created all these magnificent animals!? The Bible says that he made the animals for our enjoyment. They are also for our health; if there were no animals, the trees would not be able to make oxygen and we would not be able to breath. Evolution couldn't have made all these tiny details. Our God is an amazing God.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Birthday Room Makeover

My birthday was on June 25th this year, and I turned eleven! My parents always ask my brothers and I what we wanted for our birthdays, but this year I couldn't  really think of anything I wanted. Then Mom showed me a picture of a really cool modern room, and I decided that I wanted to make a room like that for my birthday present.

Here I am painting my headboard.

                                      This is what you see when you first come into my room

I really enjoy my new 'room makeover'! It is a room style that I will probably enjoy for several years and not want to change. I am glad that Mom and Dad helped me work and buy the things for my new room. I hope this was some inspiration for rooms in your house!

Sunday, August 19, 2012


I again looked for any familiar landmarks. I walked a little in the direction I thought I had come from, but still did not know where I was. Suddenly, I saw something rush through the trees on the right of me out of the corner of my eye. I spun around and scanned the forest surrounding me. It flew by again, startling me, and as I took a step back, it came out right in front of me! I fell backwards, terrified, landed roughly on the hard ground, and the mongoe drew closer. I didn’t realize I had dropped my backpack when I fell, because I was focused on the mongoe. It was so terrible looking I couldn’t look at it, but I could not look away, either. It must have been a foot long, and three fourths a foot tall. Its yellow and black-striped body glittered in a horrifying way in the sun, as did its long, golden mane. I could hardly see its tiny wings about seven inches tall; they were so clear they were almost invisible. It opened its mouth to show the long, sharp teeth of a lion. Out of all, its eyes were the most terrible; they had such a wild and savage look. It reminded me of a nightmare I had once when I first heard about mongoes. The look in it’s eyes said that it was desperate to kill.


Wednesday, August 15, 2012


The weeks passed, and there was no sign of any danger. No Samaj, no Kasues, and no mongoes....  One Wednesday, I asked Mom if I could walk to school the next day. She said yes, and the next morning I immediately got ready, desperate for some fresh air after being cooped up inside for weeks... I packed up my backpack and ran out the front door, shutting it before Moonball could follow...

Being outside was great!... The fresh air made me feel adventurous, for some reason, and I decided to take the long route through some woods a few miles away-I had enough time. When I got there, I was delighted to hear the leaves crunching under my feet again; they seemed to call me deeper into the forest. Not thinking of what I was doing, I ran farther into the dense trees, enjoying it more than I ever had before.                             

I started walking a few minutes later, catching my breath. It was then that I realized I had gotten off course, and I was probably late for school. I wondered where I was, and looked around for any familiar markings. I had thought I had been through the whole of the forest before. All of a sudden, sunlight bounced off of something imbedded in the dirt. I bent over and picked it up. It was clear, and I could see right through it. The object was in the shape of a cube, and had a little design on one side in black. When I looked closely, I could see that the design was made to look like a bird, a hawk.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

trust again

“What was that all about?” I asked. I had grabbed a magazine from the side table and started reading, but could not help but overhear. Now I sat up, wondering what was going on. Mom sat down beside me and looked straight at me. I figured that she was about to tell me something important by her expression. “You know how we believe that Hallah created the universe, and that he promised to send a savior to do something great for us, right, Kalina?” Mom asked softly. “Yes, Mother, I know,” I waited for Mom to explain further. Moonball hopped onto the couch and laid down on my lap while I stroked his back. “Well two officers from the K.D.C. have secretly gone to Samaj, and met a man who claimed to be the savior. Now, this man looks nothing like a savior from the descriptions we received, so he cannot possibly be Hallah’s chosen man. The great savior has to look like one in order to show who he is.” “Yes, Mom, right.” I moved my hand down to scratch under Moonball’s chin and rub his belly. “This man-Kasues is his name-told our officers that next he would come to Kila to preach. He is probably drunk or possessed by an evil spirit, spreading rumors that he is the savior, so we must be especially cautious of this man. What endangers us more is that Kasues spreads a massage far different than Samaj’s belief, too, and he has made himself present in the house of their emperor and ‘taught’. This made Samaj especially angry, and they are out to kill him. Our officers say that Samaj seemed angry enough to travel the whole universe chasing him and trying to destroy him, so they will probably come to Kila in search of him if he disappears as he said. We need to avoid them, as they might hurt Kila citizens, too. Keep a close eye out, and stay away from anyone who seems suspicious,"


Saralina pressed one of the orange buttons underneath the row of books her art book was in (every book has one of its own buttons) labeled ART, and only the glass covering her book slid to the side so she could grab it. She slid on a pair of gloves that were in a small, round compartment and then carefully took the book out. Even though these books were brand-new to our school, they were actually very old. In fact, all books in the book office are so old we have to wear gloves whenever we are handling them. While Saralina went to tell Miss Lshit she had picked out a book, I turned back to examining the titles. Suddenly, I gasped, startling Bridget, who was just reaching out to press one of the orange buttons. I grabbed gloves, and then retrieved a book from inside the dome and walked to the nearest table where a group of students were reading, and sat down. I opened the book with “All You Need to Know about Mongoes” as its heading and turned to the table of contents. My eyes were drawn to the fifth chapter, which said “Weaknesses of the Mongoe”. I had not thought mongoes had any weakness, so this interested me. I flipped the pages until I got to page 104, and started reading. Mongoes’ habitats are usually in volcanic areas. Mongoes seem to be especially drawn to Mount Niphmore, which is nicknamed ‘Mongoe Flowing’. More than a hundred thousand mongoes live there. They like it there because of the extreme heat. (The only reason mongoes leave the warmth of the volcanoes, is because they are driven out. This hardly ever happens, however, because mongoes can put up quite a fight, and most people are frightened of them.) The main weakness of the mongoe is the opposite of what it is used to: extreme cold. If you ever get attacked by a mongoe, get something really cold and throw it at the mongoe. If you hit it a few times, it should eventually go away. If that does not work, the best thing to do is not to move at all or make any sound. The mongoe will wait for you to give any sign that you are frightened or angry, and then it will attack. If you show no emotion, it will either attack only out of frustration (or hunger), or go away in search of a more fearful prey. Your best chance is, again, to stay still and noiseless.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Do You Want Some More On Trust? Here It Is

Again, I am not continuing from where I left of.

After I finished cleaning up, it was about dinner time, and I went into the main room of the house where we eat, with Moonball getting up from his bed and following me. Since my mom was not in there, I went on into the kitchen and found her telling her pick for our meal to the microwave: pasta and golom. Within seconds the microwave door popped open and our food was ready. Mom put the food on some plates and brought them to the table in the main room, and I followed her, carrying the silverware. Together we sat down in our seats. My chair was a little too far from the table, but automatically the seat scooted forward to where I could reach my food from. Then Mom and I ate and discussed school.The main room is my favorite place in the pod. I think it is very pretty because of (1) the automatic chandelier hanging from the ceiling which is a beautiful silver color  (2) The special table which is completely un-scratchable and un-stainable and is the prettiest item in our house. I often do my homework on the table, but today I had decided to do it in my room because…….I do not really know. My mom does a good job of keeping the main room tidy; I have never come home from school without seeing a fresh bouquet of flowers displayed on the table. Everyday Mom also vacuums the whole house, even though it rarely gets dirty with only the two of us.Speaking of only two of us, I’m guessing you want to know about my dad. Mom and I rarely talk about him, or about The Trip either. Let me explain further…                                                                                                                                My dad had planned a trip to Samaj to try to make peace with them. He was a part of the K.D.C., a head officer like Mom. The K.D.C. decided to send someone to clear up the anger after they received a threat, which said that Samaj would destroy our planet if we did not surrender to them. The K.D.C.  knew the job would be very dangerous, and that it was a 1 out of 100 chance that Samaj would give in. But they took their chances and sent the best person they could think of: Dad.                        

Monday, July 23, 2012

Horse Camp

I have almost always really liked horses, and this summer I got to go to a horse camp for a whole week. There I learned how to do all sorts of things. It was a blast! I learned how to lasso, clean a saddle, go around barrels, etc. I also made a new good friend.
Here are some photos my grandpa took throughout  the week.

See what my mom posted about horse camp here.

More Trust

Okay, here's more on chapter one of Trust.

As I rode home, I thought of the planet Samaj. It has always been our enemy, ever since way back when. At that time, Kila disliked Samaj’s emperor because he always talked of ruling the universe and making every planet bow down to him. I have learned that he was just a crazy old man who was always drunk (I have no idea why he became emperor) at school, but back then Kila did not know anything about that. No one really brought up the idea of harming the emperor (I am positive most people did not even think of hurting him; he only did a bunch of threats and no big things), but on January 30th, 2233, word came that the emperor of Samaj had been killed. Evidence from the murder scene pointed directly to our planet, and only a week later a man confessed to the crime. I guess the guilt was too big to bear. Anyway, Samaj has hated us ever since then, even though they have a new perfectly fit emperor, and we had apologized a dozen times (and we meant the apologies).                                                                                                    My mom also explained all this to me.                                                                                               My sceaba soon pulled up at the end of the path to my pod and interrupted my thoughts. My pod is, like I said, a pretty good cylinder. It is one of the largest pods on the block, probably because my mom is a head officer in the K.D.C. (Kila Decision Core), and helps solve many problems and form rules, so she is honored by receiving a big house.                                                                                                                                                  When I got inside my pod, I was greeted by Moonball, my little black lab puppy. “Hello Moonball,” I said, kneeling to pet him. I picked him up, and he licked me on the face, making me laugh.                                                                                                                                            Moonball is only two months old, and I have owned him for half of that, but already we are best friends. He follows me almost every where all the time, and I even let him sleep with me sometimes. At other times he sleeps in his little bed at the foot of my rester.                                      I said hello to Mom, and seeing she was eating, realized that I was starving, and I grabbed a snack of crackers, cheese, and golom (Which is like what Mom said, people, a long time ago, called pudding. I know the name ‘golom’ sounds gross, but it is delicious!). I went to my room and ate at my desk, and also worked on some homework for school.                                                                                        At about four-thirty p.m., it started to be hard to concentrate, so I stopped working. I stretched and looked out my port to see the wind teasing the bright green leaves. But what I also saw was a shock; there was a man I didn’t recognize walking beside a path two pods down from ours.

Sorry it looks kind of messed up.