Sunday, August 19, 2012


I again looked for any familiar landmarks. I walked a little in the direction I thought I had come from, but still did not know where I was. Suddenly, I saw something rush through the trees on the right of me out of the corner of my eye. I spun around and scanned the forest surrounding me. It flew by again, startling me, and as I took a step back, it came out right in front of me! I fell backwards, terrified, landed roughly on the hard ground, and the mongoe drew closer. I didn’t realize I had dropped my backpack when I fell, because I was focused on the mongoe. It was so terrible looking I couldn’t look at it, but I could not look away, either. It must have been a foot long, and three fourths a foot tall. Its yellow and black-striped body glittered in a horrifying way in the sun, as did its long, golden mane. I could hardly see its tiny wings about seven inches tall; they were so clear they were almost invisible. It opened its mouth to show the long, sharp teeth of a lion. Out of all, its eyes were the most terrible; they had such a wild and savage look. It reminded me of a nightmare I had once when I first heard about mongoes. The look in it’s eyes said that it was desperate to kill.


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