Thursday, July 26, 2012

Do You Want Some More On Trust? Here It Is

Again, I am not continuing from where I left of.

After I finished cleaning up, it was about dinner time, and I went into the main room of the house where we eat, with Moonball getting up from his bed and following me. Since my mom was not in there, I went on into the kitchen and found her telling her pick for our meal to the microwave: pasta and golom. Within seconds the microwave door popped open and our food was ready. Mom put the food on some plates and brought them to the table in the main room, and I followed her, carrying the silverware. Together we sat down in our seats. My chair was a little too far from the table, but automatically the seat scooted forward to where I could reach my food from. Then Mom and I ate and discussed school.The main room is my favorite place in the pod. I think it is very pretty because of (1) the automatic chandelier hanging from the ceiling which is a beautiful silver color  (2) The special table which is completely un-scratchable and un-stainable and is the prettiest item in our house. I often do my homework on the table, but today I had decided to do it in my room because…….I do not really know. My mom does a good job of keeping the main room tidy; I have never come home from school without seeing a fresh bouquet of flowers displayed on the table. Everyday Mom also vacuums the whole house, even though it rarely gets dirty with only the two of us.Speaking of only two of us, I’m guessing you want to know about my dad. Mom and I rarely talk about him, or about The Trip either. Let me explain further…                                                                                                                                My dad had planned a trip to Samaj to try to make peace with them. He was a part of the K.D.C., a head officer like Mom. The K.D.C. decided to send someone to clear up the anger after they received a threat, which said that Samaj would destroy our planet if we did not surrender to them. The K.D.C.  knew the job would be very dangerous, and that it was a 1 out of 100 chance that Samaj would give in. But they took their chances and sent the best person they could think of: Dad.                        

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