Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Flower Pens

Hi again!  Today I have a very simple and cheap craft:  Flower Pens!

First I got some artificial flowers, dick pens ( any brand pen will do) and green floral tape.  My artificial flowers were all stuck together,  so I cut them apart.  Then I used a pen to see how long I wanted my flowers.  The flowers are going to be taped to the pen, and you want to find the length that you like and will give you room to still be able to write.

You don't have to do this,  but what I find the easiest when you begin taping is to wrap some of your green floral tape first on the bottom of your pen (make sure your flower stem is with the pen and you are taping them together,  and you don't want to cover the drawing part, of course) and then some on the top,  right before the actual flower and at the end of the pen.

Then,  start right where you first taped and go over it,  keep on taping until you get to the end of the other place you taped.

Now you have your own flower pen.  You can start making more and have your own collection of pens with flowers that vary.  You can even use them for birthdays,  as gifts or deco.

When you comment,  you can list what you did with them,  I'd love to hear them.  

See Ya!