Saturday, December 29, 2012


A few minutes later, the reporter began to talk about another news story.
“As many of you may know,” she said. “There have been more sightings of Kasues, the evil man who has been teaching false beliefs. K.D.C associates say that he must be corrupted by evil spirits... “Marilla Spagh had been sick with corinor disease, but her last check-up showed completely negative signs of the sickness. Marilla claims that Kasues healed her and she even believes Him when He claims He is the Son of Hallah!”
“THE SON OF HALLAH?!” I exclaimed... “He is here!Just then Mom came through the door... “Who’s here?” She asked, coming into the living room. I did not answer her right away, because a video of the top leader of the K.D.C. had just begun playing on the screen.
“Kasues is a threat to all of the Great Planets,” My mom said on the screen, her voice grave. “He is evil, and we must eliminate him from Kila immediately.”

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