Saturday, December 10, 2011

Winter Snowflakes

 Merry Christmas!!
Christmas is coming faster then we know it!
I'm always looking for a christmas craft to make for my room.
One of my 5th grade teachers ,Ms.Gwin, is sick and in the hospital, so her substitute had this awesome idea to make giant snowflakes. I'm not in Ms.Gwins
homeroom, so we weren't going to do it at first, but when my teacher, Ms.Turnage, saw them she thought it was a great idea, so we ended up doing it!

First you need 6 perfect paper squares, anywhere from 10 centimeters to 25 centimeters (I just make a good sized square, then fold it in half and make a perfect one by cutting of the extra paper). Make sure your square is folded perfectly in half and cut 4 lines--each one shorter then the last--on each side.

Then unfold it. Grab the 2 sides of the middle diamond and tape it together, it will look like the picture on the right.
Now flip it over and do the same thing to the second one, flip it over and do it to the next one, and so until it looks like the next picture.

Now make 6 of those. Once you have six, tape all the ends together (I'm sure there is a better way to tape them on YouTube). Net, fold your tape so that it is sticky on both sides and stick it to one of the longer sides. Connect it to the one thats besides it
and keep doing so until it is all stuck together and look like a snowflake.

Now your finally done and can decorate your room!!

Homemade Purses

You know those little plain white fabric purses you see at craft stores sometimes? I've never took an interest in those, but mom had a great idea for them.
She bought 3 of them, then got out her sewing machine.  Now, I only know how to make the little ruffles on the bottom two, so I guess that your going to have  to go here again to find out how to make these gorgeous purses.
JUST AN IDEA: why don't you try giving some of these to your school teachers for christmas?

Friday, November 25, 2011


I absolutely LOVE drawing. I got the sudden urge to draw this morning when I was reading Garfield comics. So I drew some Garfield scenes. Here they are.

I just thought I'd show you. Hope you could read them OK.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Leaf Flowers

Who knew you could make pretty things out of leaves! Design Sponge has a post about Leaf Flowers. You can use a leaf and fold it in a certain way to make a flower!

Check out the site and make your own Leaf Flower! (Make sure you have green floral tape).

Thanksgiving Kids Table

Mom had a lot of good ideas for Thanksgiving, and the kids table is one of them. Since Mom didn't have any room for my brothers and I at the normal table, she made a kids table. My two favorite things on it are the turkey and the placemats.
The placemats don't look fancy because they are made of brown wrapping paper/packaging. The fun part about them, though, is that you can color them!
When you are bored at some point of the meal, just grab a colored pencil from the jar and start drawing!

You can find out how to make the turkey at:
One Charming Party.

On One Charming Party, just type in paper turkey in the search icon.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Swag

Thanksgiving is here! And sometimes its hard to find Thanksgiving decorations. Mom came up with a home-made swag thats made of your worst fall enemy...........leaves.

What you do is get a long needle and thread it (make sure the string is really long). Then go outside and stick the needle through the prettiest leafs. Mom bought some orange lights to go with it and then hung it up.

There's your Thanksgiving deco. !


I can finally wear dangly earrings, the six weeks are up! The only thing is, my ears are sore,  and it hurts to take my earrings in and out. So my Mom suggested BagBalm. My grandma uses it, and mom used to.
Its supposed to really work, and it does!! Take my word for it.

Zoo Trip

 Well, we sure had a ball at the zoo today. Our grandparents took us. I got close-up pictures of all sorts of animals. This is going to be the post with the most pictures! You can see a......Scarlet Macaw, a Rhino, a Giraffe, a Leopard, Flamingos, a GIANT Anteater, a Black Bear, and a Fox.

So many animals! We saw all the animals in the zoo, but it took three hours plus lunch. And lots of the animals weren't there because they were sort of rebuilding, but we still had a lot of fun.

Sunday, November 13, 2011


I thought I would put another post about Hershey since the video on the last one isn't working (is it working for you? I would like to see your answer).

The top picture is of Hershey when we first got him and we kept him inside .

The bottom picture..... I know its not very clear but I think you can tell that Hershey is much bigger.
He is 4 months now and an outside dog.

But even though he is growing up, so far he only knows how to sit and he still whines when he wants to be played with!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Dads blog

My family used to be missionaries to hispanics.......until my Dad was poisoned by carbon monoxide from our heater in our old house in Ohio. But Dad is still ministering, even if sometimes it is in his bed.
He has his own godly blog that has a few devotionals.

It is I am sure that you will enjoy it. But don't expect new posts very often because Dad says he go's on it about twice a year!

I am proud of my Dad because I think he is a very good christian. I think his blog is very good christian wise.

Homemade Detanguler

I go swimming a lot because my grandparents apartment has a pool. Swimming really hurts your hair, and there are always TONS of nots in long hair, like mine, afterwards. Well, detanguler helps a lot.

I have an easy way to make detanguler in only two steps. All you need that is store bought  is a spray bottle and some conditioner.

First, pour 2 teaspoons of conditioner into your spray bottle. Next, all you have to do is fill the rest of the bottle with water!!!!

Be sure you used the conditioner that really works for you. Then, with a spray almost every morning (thats what I do, at least. You don't have to at all) , each day you will hardly have any more knots at all!

Moving Again

Moving Again.......well, not as far as the last time my family and I moved. Forney, the city we are moving to, is only a few cities away from Whitehouse.

The house we bought is HUGE! And it was for a REALLY good price to. We are moving during christmas break.

We are also going to go to a new school called Blackburn elementary, pre-k through 6th grade.
At this school, the 5th and 6th graders get laptops to do homework on! That means I get a laptop!

When we were first moving to Texas, there was a pretty good house for sale that we really wanted. But someone else got it. But now we have something much larger and better.

A house in a good neighborhood, a good school, all things work out for good.

Friday, November 11, 2011


School has been going well lately. I've got good teachers, and lots of friends. The only problem is, I mean was, my eyes.

It was awfully heard to focus without my head hurting. And I usually had to ask the kid sitting next to me "what that word says".

So finally, Mom took me to the eye doctor. I looked through a lens, and boy was there a big difference!! (I am near-sighted, and have Astigmatism) So now I have brown glasses!

To add to my good luck, the eye doctor said I don't have to wear my glasses all the time, only when I am looking at something far away. So I don't have to play in my glasses and risk breaking them!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Thread Frame

My mom has a sewing closet that holds all of her craft things.  It holds things from felt to her sewing machine.  There was one thing she was missing, though. And that was a thread frame.

All mother did was spray paint a picture frame and cut out a sizable piece of cardboard. She hammered nails into the thick board, and finally, glued the frame and thread holder together.

Just hang thread on the nails and your ready to hang it in your sewing closet!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Academic Rodeo : Art contest

Raise your hand if your school does Academic Rodeo. Now raise your hand if you entered the art contest in Academic Rodeo.
Well, thats what my brothers and I did.
My art entry is a drawing of killer whales, it is called Killer Whale Ballet.

The one below is my younger brother Carter's picture. It is labeled Hermie the Hamster.

Tyler's is not finished yet.

Flower pins

 Pins are fun accessories.  You can put them on hats, purses, and shirts. I figured out a VERY easy way to make flower pins using felt! You will need the following:

-any color felt
-hot glue gun

First off all, take your felt and cut a small circle. Then draw a flower on a piece of paper. You will place the miniature flower on the felt and cut out 5 flowers.
Then fold your flower, and fold it again (don't worry if it is folded uneven, its supposed to be). Next, cut of the end of your now petals and hot glue 4 of them on the
outside of the circle, leaving room for the 5th in the middle.
Hot glue your pin on the back, and you now have a flower pin!

Visit my moms blog, for more accurate instructions.

Mug Gripee

I found some colorful yarn in my closet and decided to start making christmas presents. When I thought of my Nana the first thing that came to mind was how much she loves coffee. I immediately decided to make a gripee sort of thing.  First, I chrocheted a chain long enough to fit around a mug. Then I connected it together and went on until it was the right size.
Try this easy craft, and you won't burn your hands for a while!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


"Forget blogging, try glogging" This note was on the website when I logged in on glogsters, a website  my teacher brought up for school. The main purpose for glogging is for a student to get on with a teachers permission and show the teacher what they have learned. is the site. I thought some home schoolers might like this. Just hit sign up on the upper right hand corner. I'm sure students would like this website, I know I do!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Horse Auctioning

My grandpa and I went to a horse auction.                                                              There were all sorts of quarter horses there we could pet.                                                                        
There were a lot a of moms and their foals. The foals weren't tame,  but I still barely managed to touch one.
The auction was boring compared to most, but we still had a good time. Most of the time I didn't pay attention to the auction, I just pet the horses.  The second picture is of a foal nursing with his/her mother.
It's so cute!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Jersey Knit Bracelets

My brother, Carter, had a fever the other day and stayed home from school. My mom had looked on Money Saving Moms and had found how to make Jersey Knit Bracelets. She found one of dads old tee shirts and cut it into one inch strips. Then mom taught Carter how to weave the bracelets and then tied them together, they made several blue bracelets together.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Pierced Ears

Raise your hand if your ears are pierced.  Well, mine weren't.....until Saturday, October 1st.
For those of you who don't, it doesn't really hurt.

 I have to wear the same earrings and clean them for six weeks straight.  Then afterwards I can switch them but keep some earrings on for more than 24 hours every day for 6 months. After that I'm free to do as I like.

I can't wait to wear dangly earrings!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Basketball B-day

 My brother, Tyler, just had his 8th birthday.  He decided to make it a "Basketball Birthday".  My Mom looked online and found a picture of
basketball cupcakes,  which she made for Tyler to hand out at school.
Then she made a cake using the same design.
You can just use your usual recipe for the cake or cupcakes.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Flower Pens

Hi again!  Today I have a very simple and cheap craft:  Flower Pens!

First I got some artificial flowers, dick pens ( any brand pen will do) and green floral tape.  My artificial flowers were all stuck together,  so I cut them apart.  Then I used a pen to see how long I wanted my flowers.  The flowers are going to be taped to the pen, and you want to find the length that you like and will give you room to still be able to write.

You don't have to do this,  but what I find the easiest when you begin taping is to wrap some of your green floral tape first on the bottom of your pen (make sure your flower stem is with the pen and you are taping them together,  and you don't want to cover the drawing part, of course) and then some on the top,  right before the actual flower and at the end of the pen.

Then,  start right where you first taped and go over it,  keep on taping until you get to the end of the other place you taped.

Now you have your own flower pen.  You can start making more and have your own collection of pens with flowers that vary.  You can even use them for birthdays,  as gifts or deco.

When you comment,  you can list what you did with them,  I'd love to hear them.  

See Ya!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

New Home, New Puppy!

Well,  now we've moved in to our new house.
But I've also got one more exiting thing to show you! Watch this movie and find out what my little surprise is!

A puppy!  His name is Hershey,   he is a beagle,,  he was born on 
the 4th of July,  2011!

Well,  we really enjoy our new home and our new pup.  Thanks so much for praying for us as we made are big move.

See ya!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Fathers day ties

For Fathers day Mom and I printed off paper ties that each have a letter of the phrase: Happy Fathers Day!   Plus we taped little ties to wire that
said things like:  number 1# dad!,  or,  best dad ever!,  and stuck them into cupcakes.
We really gave Dad a Fathers day surprise!

Crocheted shawl

A while ago I crocheted a shawl out of very soft,  green yarn.  I sewed a brown button on and it really goes together to make a comfy,  pretty shawl if I do say so my self.
You can make a shawl out of any yarn and a button....its a easy craft!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Felt Food

Getting hungry for a simple, but very cool craft?  I recommend felt food!
As you've probably guessed already,  felt food is made from...felt.
I just use stuffing,  different color varieties of felt,  plus beads for sprinkles.
You can make cookies,  donuts,  chocolate,  eggs,  toast,  pizza,  tacos...etc.
Do a google search on it and you will find all kinds of ideas.

Announcement: Moving!

Well,  Apple camp is over,  but i've got bigger and more exiting news: we sold our house 2 days after putting it on sale!  So we're going to Tyler, Texas August 14, '11 and will prob'ly get there the 16th.
I'll miss my friends but I'm sure I'll meet lots more at public school.
Keep checking out 10 & growing!


Monday, June 27, 2011

Apple Stores: Free Apple camp for kids!

Mom and Dad signed me up for an Apple computer camp for kids.  At Apple Camp I am going to learn
how to shoot my own footage,  create a song in a program called GarageBand on a iPad,  then put it all
together in another program called iMovie on a Mac computer.  I am going July 18,  19,  and 23.
I am already trying to figure out what kind of movie and what kind of song I should make, and they have to go together.  Can you help me think of ideas?