Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Exiting Experiences at the Zoo!

I know I have already made a post about the zoo, but that was in Tyler Texas. This time I went to the big Dallas Zoo with my brothers, Tyler and Carter, and my mom and my grandma. Here are some pictures and videos of the exciting things we got to see and do. 

We got to see a bird show!

Here are Tyler, Carter and I looking at some muskrats through a little bubble in the ground.

Woohooh! We got to ride on a camel named Mathew! The worker who led us around the pen said that this was Mathew's first year giving rides in public. Tyler sat on the hump of the camel, and he said that it was really scary.

Thank you Mathew!

We each climbed up on a fake elephant. There I am!

We even got to to pet giraffes! Mom didn't want to buy any lettuce for us to feed the giraffes, but one girl was really kind and gave us some.

We saw lions really up close! If it hadn't been for the glass in that restaurant, I probably could have reached out and touched them.

Whoa! Look at those teeth! The lion was yawning.

Here is a video I took of the lions.

Cool alligator!


Ew! Look at these huge snakes!

So as you can see, we saw lots of amazing creatures. Isn't it amazing how God created all these magnificent animals!? The Bible says that he made the animals for our enjoyment. They are also for our health; if there were no animals, the trees would not be able to make oxygen and we would not be able to breath. Evolution couldn't have made all these tiny details. Our God is an amazing God.

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