Thursday, August 2, 2012

trust again

“What was that all about?” I asked. I had grabbed a magazine from the side table and started reading, but could not help but overhear. Now I sat up, wondering what was going on. Mom sat down beside me and looked straight at me. I figured that she was about to tell me something important by her expression. “You know how we believe that Hallah created the universe, and that he promised to send a savior to do something great for us, right, Kalina?” Mom asked softly. “Yes, Mother, I know,” I waited for Mom to explain further. Moonball hopped onto the couch and laid down on my lap while I stroked his back. “Well two officers from the K.D.C. have secretly gone to Samaj, and met a man who claimed to be the savior. Now, this man looks nothing like a savior from the descriptions we received, so he cannot possibly be Hallah’s chosen man. The great savior has to look like one in order to show who he is.” “Yes, Mom, right.” I moved my hand down to scratch under Moonball’s chin and rub his belly. “This man-Kasues is his name-told our officers that next he would come to Kila to preach. He is probably drunk or possessed by an evil spirit, spreading rumors that he is the savior, so we must be especially cautious of this man. What endangers us more is that Kasues spreads a massage far different than Samaj’s belief, too, and he has made himself present in the house of their emperor and ‘taught’. This made Samaj especially angry, and they are out to kill him. Our officers say that Samaj seemed angry enough to travel the whole universe chasing him and trying to destroy him, so they will probably come to Kila in search of him if he disappears as he said. We need to avoid them, as they might hurt Kila citizens, too. Keep a close eye out, and stay away from anyone who seems suspicious,"


  1. Love it Britt! God has definitely given you a talent to write. Keep using it for Him! Love you!

  2. Very interesting.