Sunday, August 28, 2011

New Home, New Puppy!

Well,  now we've moved in to our new house.
But I've also got one more exiting thing to show you! Watch this movie and find out what my little surprise is!

A puppy!  His name is Hershey,   he is a beagle,,  he was born on 
the 4th of July,  2011!

Well,  we really enjoy our new home and our new pup.  Thanks so much for praying for us as we made are big move.

See ya!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Fathers day ties

For Fathers day Mom and I printed off paper ties that each have a letter of the phrase: Happy Fathers Day!   Plus we taped little ties to wire that
said things like:  number 1# dad!,  or,  best dad ever!,  and stuck them into cupcakes.
We really gave Dad a Fathers day surprise!

Crocheted shawl

A while ago I crocheted a shawl out of very soft,  green yarn.  I sewed a brown button on and it really goes together to make a comfy,  pretty shawl if I do say so my self.
You can make a shawl out of any yarn and a button....its a easy craft!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Felt Food

Getting hungry for a simple, but very cool craft?  I recommend felt food!
As you've probably guessed already,  felt food is made from...felt.
I just use stuffing,  different color varieties of felt,  plus beads for sprinkles.
You can make cookies,  donuts,  chocolate,  eggs,  toast,  pizza,  tacos...etc.
Do a google search on it and you will find all kinds of ideas.

Announcement: Moving!

Well,  Apple camp is over,  but i've got bigger and more exiting news: we sold our house 2 days after putting it on sale!  So we're going to Tyler, Texas August 14, '11 and will prob'ly get there the 16th.
I'll miss my friends but I'm sure I'll meet lots more at public school.
Keep checking out 10 & growing!