Tuesday, May 29, 2012

More on "Trust"

Here is the 'sneak peak' for Trust.

 Sneak Peek
…I fell backwards, terrified, landed roughly on the hard ground, and the mongoe drew closer… The mongoe let out a horrible roar and got even nearer to me... Please! I thought desperately. Please help me! I screamed again, and then jerked my arm over my face as the mongoe suddenly lurched forward, teeth bared.
That is in the very front of the book; it is a kind of preview. I will show you another part from the book soon!

I know it is short, but there will be more next time.

Another Hershey Update

Well, Hershey is still growing; his birthday is in less than two months! I thought I'd show you some more pictures of him.

Beautiful Living Room

We have been in our Forney house for about five months now, and a month or two ago we finished our living room. It is shown in the picture on the left. It has brown walls, a 40 inch TV mounted above the
fire place, a couch and two chairs (one of them is Dad's recliner) and two shelves. All this you can see.

In case you were wondering, the little box thing in the corner is Dad's oxygen machine; he still takes oxygen when he does not feel very good.

On either side of the fire place there is a fake plant, here is a close up of it. You can hardly tell (not at all from the picture) that one of the vases has been broken and glued back together. My dad did a really good job on that. Whats cool about the plants is that they are Velcro'd to the carpet so that they won't be able to be knocked over.

On one of the shelves, there are these candle holders. Each of them are actually made of two candle holders which Mom glued together. The "base" is one and the top is another.
Mom filled each of the candle holders with decorative rocks instead of placing in a candle : )

I really like my living room, if I had seen it in Ohio I would have thought it was another one of those big and grand houses. God blessed us when he gave us this wonderful house and beautiful living room.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Writing A New Book

Lately I have been struggling with my Hypo-Thyroidism; I have been very tired, with has caused a few other problems. But all things work out for good, and since I started not feeling well I have grown closer to God. Anyway, it has not been nearly as bad as it was a few months ago.

Lately I have been working on a book titled 'Trust', if you have ever heard of the Shadowside Trilogy, it is related to that. It is a lot like Narnia; there is a Jesus character who gets killed (he gets killed at the end of my book). My story takes place way in the future (in year 2756) and on a planet called Kila. I made up a weird creature and high-tech things to give it the feel that it is way in the future (when writing stories, you need to add details that prove what you are thinking. Like with my future theme, I made a microwave that automatically stirs up any food you want in no time at all). My main character is Kalina Hshnaw (funny last name, huh?), and I am not going to tell you what she looks like or what her personality is yet, just that she loves to read. I am trying to make lots of exciting and dangerous parts in my book, and I am even adding in some things that may be important for future books, if I do make a sequel to Trust.

Keep on checking my blog for more on my book!