Wednesday, August 15, 2012


The weeks passed, and there was no sign of any danger. No Samaj, no Kasues, and no mongoes....  One Wednesday, I asked Mom if I could walk to school the next day. She said yes, and the next morning I immediately got ready, desperate for some fresh air after being cooped up inside for weeks... I packed up my backpack and ran out the front door, shutting it before Moonball could follow...

Being outside was great!... The fresh air made me feel adventurous, for some reason, and I decided to take the long route through some woods a few miles away-I had enough time. When I got there, I was delighted to hear the leaves crunching under my feet again; they seemed to call me deeper into the forest. Not thinking of what I was doing, I ran farther into the dense trees, enjoying it more than I ever had before.                             

I started walking a few minutes later, catching my breath. It was then that I realized I had gotten off course, and I was probably late for school. I wondered where I was, and looked around for any familiar markings. I had thought I had been through the whole of the forest before. All of a sudden, sunlight bounced off of something imbedded in the dirt. I bent over and picked it up. It was clear, and I could see right through it. The object was in the shape of a cube, and had a little design on one side in black. When I looked closely, I could see that the design was made to look like a bird, a hawk.

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