Monday, July 23, 2012

More Trust

Okay, here's more on chapter one of Trust.

As I rode home, I thought of the planet Samaj. It has always been our enemy, ever since way back when. At that time, Kila disliked Samaj’s emperor because he always talked of ruling the universe and making every planet bow down to him. I have learned that he was just a crazy old man who was always drunk (I have no idea why he became emperor) at school, but back then Kila did not know anything about that. No one really brought up the idea of harming the emperor (I am positive most people did not even think of hurting him; he only did a bunch of threats and no big things), but on January 30th, 2233, word came that the emperor of Samaj had been killed. Evidence from the murder scene pointed directly to our planet, and only a week later a man confessed to the crime. I guess the guilt was too big to bear. Anyway, Samaj has hated us ever since then, even though they have a new perfectly fit emperor, and we had apologized a dozen times (and we meant the apologies).                                                                                                    My mom also explained all this to me.                                                                                               My sceaba soon pulled up at the end of the path to my pod and interrupted my thoughts. My pod is, like I said, a pretty good cylinder. It is one of the largest pods on the block, probably because my mom is a head officer in the K.D.C. (Kila Decision Core), and helps solve many problems and form rules, so she is honored by receiving a big house.                                                                                                                                                  When I got inside my pod, I was greeted by Moonball, my little black lab puppy. “Hello Moonball,” I said, kneeling to pet him. I picked him up, and he licked me on the face, making me laugh.                                                                                                                                            Moonball is only two months old, and I have owned him for half of that, but already we are best friends. He follows me almost every where all the time, and I even let him sleep with me sometimes. At other times he sleeps in his little bed at the foot of my rester.                                      I said hello to Mom, and seeing she was eating, realized that I was starving, and I grabbed a snack of crackers, cheese, and golom (Which is like what Mom said, people, a long time ago, called pudding. I know the name ‘golom’ sounds gross, but it is delicious!). I went to my room and ate at my desk, and also worked on some homework for school.                                                                                        At about four-thirty p.m., it started to be hard to concentrate, so I stopped working. I stretched and looked out my port to see the wind teasing the bright green leaves. But what I also saw was a shock; there was a man I didn’t recognize walking beside a path two pods down from ours.

Sorry it looks kind of messed up.

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  1. I love the name moonball! :)
    - Brenna