Friday, July 6, 2012

4th of July Fun

Happy Independence Day!
Two days ago, my family celebrated the U.S.'s birth, and Hershey's 1st birthday. We invited my grandparents for supper and a Fourth of July celebration. We didn't throw a party for Hershey, though : )

I know I this a little to late, but here are some Fourth of July ideas from my mom; maybe you can use them next year.
Here are some photos from the party.

Beautiful place settings

Happy birthday Hershey!!

Here's Grandma Farlow at the table

Mom made red, white, and blue star cookies

Mmmm, dessert

Here are some fun decorations we made

Isn't this cute? It's Mom's 'Watermelon Boat'
We had some fun with pop-its and little confetti things at the end
I felt bad for Hershey when the fireworks started. Most of us were outside doing our pop-its and stuff while the fireworks went off. Often, Hershey would run around with his tail between his legs and he would scratch at the door, but most of the time he would lay on our laps, shaking. Three times when we were opening the door Hershey got inside the house. Poor puppy!

We had a lot of fun on the Fourth of July, and I hope you did, too.

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