Sunday, June 3, 2012

Summer Journals

 If you clicked on my Summer of Fun link, you probably saw some summer journals  Well, Mom helped us make journals like those. All you have to do, is buy some normal journals, and decorate them however you want. Carter's is the super hero one, and he didn't put paper over the whole top of his journal, like Tyler and I did. He just glued on the title and super hero (by the way, Mom drew the super hero) and Mom put on the ribbon for his pen.

Tyler's journal is the doggy one; he loves dogs. Mom measured how big the journal was and she drew the size out on paper. Tyler cut out the paper and glued it onto his journal. I did the same thing.
Tyler then glued on the other pictures and stuff and then did his pen and ribbon.
I pretty much did the same thing for my journal. Mine is the lime green one.

How to make the pen ribbon:
To make the kind that Tyler and Carter have, you glue part of the ribbon to the inside of the journal, and then place it along the outside of the journal (do not glue it to the outside) and then stick the end back under into the inside of the journal and glue it in there again. You can hook the pen onto the ribbon.
To make the kind of pen ribbon that I have, you
glue part of the ribbon on the inside, like you did for the other kind, and cut the ribbon to the size you want it to hang down in front. Next, you just tie the end of the ribbon to the cap of your pen, and your done!

Mom said that every day my brothers and I can draw pictures or write about our summer vacation in our journals. We can make a list about things we want to do, or write about things we have done, or things we are going to do. Sometimes Mom is going to ask us a question and ask us to write down the answer in our journals. For example, Mom could ask "If you had a million dollars, what would you do with it", and my brothers and I would write down what we would do with a million dollars.

This summer is going to be fun!

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