Sunday, May 19, 2013

A MIni Story by Me! Continued

Here is the rest of my first mini story.

A second went by, then another. I heard some sudden movement in the bushes in front of me. I forced my eyes to stay shut. Another second went by… Cookie Dough barked sharply. My eye lids flew open. “Aaaagh!” I screamed. All I could see was teeth. But next all those rows of sharp teeth drew back, and I heard Dagger screech in pain. I backed out of the bushes immediately and stood up. 
Cookie Dough was digging his claws deep into the shark’s slippery flesh with anger, and biting Dagger as much and as hard as he possibly could. Dagger started flinging himself around once again, and they began to fight. After a few minutes I could tell that the shark’s energy was going down, but Cookie Dough’s was going down faster. After what seemed like hours, Cookie Dough fell off out of pure exhaustion. Poor dog! 
I turned to see the shark, and spun around and started running when I saw him looking straight at me, breathing heavily. I scrambled as fast as I could toward the huge tree I had been climbing before, and started to go up. As I climbed, I dared to hope that the shark could not go up high. Twice during the climb my long black hair got caught in the branches. I hurried to unwind it, but it took so long I was certain I would not be able to make it. I heard a commotion down below here and there, but kept on climbing. “Hang on Kiara!” someone called from below once. I looked down, and saw Sam with a giant stick in his hand. He was beating Dagger at the base of the tree as hard as he could with the stick. I clung onto the branches as I watched him, praying that he would be all right. Thankfully, Dagger was already all worn from earlier, so he did not put up much of a fight before falling flat on the ground. 
It was when I finally reached the bottom when I realized how tired I was. I could not believe what I had just gone through! A shark! If it had not been for Sam and Cookie Dough I probably would…Cookie Dough! I rushed over to the puppy that was just now getting up. I knelt down and picked him up. When he saw the shark laying there he barked and wagged his tail, as if he knew that it was dead. I laughed, and it felt so good! What a relief that all that was finally over. 
I turned to Sam who was standing breathless over the shark, still holding the stick. I asked him if he was alright. “Yeah,” he breathed, “I’m alright. But let’s get out of here fast!” I agreed. Together we hurried on the path leading to the city that now seemed to have appeared out of nowhere. I was never so thankful that I had my friends than on that day.

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