Friday, November 25, 2011


I absolutely LOVE drawing. I got the sudden urge to draw this morning when I was reading Garfield comics. So I drew some Garfield scenes. Here they are.

I just thought I'd show you. Hope you could read them OK.


  1. Sorry you couldn't read them, there all really funny.

  2. Love them Britt! You do such a great job. They are very funny. :0)

  3. Brittany, I am an old friend of your mommy's. You might remember us - we have a girl named Eliza that is great friends with your cousin Emmy and we live out in Wyoming. I was reading your blog today and I really like it! You are an excellent artist too! I especially liked your post about how God worked out the new house that you will be moving to soon. Even when things don't work out like we plan, God's ways are the best! I will keep reading your blog! April W.

    1. Thank you! I think I remember has probably been a long time since I saw her last.

  4. Hi Britt! Its your friend Milena! You draw really good