Sunday, October 30, 2011

Flower pins

 Pins are fun accessories.  You can put them on hats, purses, and shirts. I figured out a VERY easy way to make flower pins using felt! You will need the following:

-any color felt
-hot glue gun

First off all, take your felt and cut a small circle. Then draw a flower on a piece of paper. You will place the miniature flower on the felt and cut out 5 flowers.
Then fold your flower, and fold it again (don't worry if it is folded uneven, its supposed to be). Next, cut of the end of your now petals and hot glue 4 of them on the
outside of the circle, leaving room for the 5th in the middle.
Hot glue your pin on the back, and you now have a flower pin!

Visit my moms blog, for more accurate instructions.

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