Tuesday, August 27, 2013

New Trust

 Hey everybody! Sorry I have not been posting much lately, but I guess I'm not really into blogging. So, don't be checking everyday for a post (you'll end up pretty disappointed), but try to check every month, because I may be posting more often. With my story, Trust, I decided to kind of rewrite it (make it better and a little more realistic), but the concept will still be the same. Here is some of what I have written lately. Just warn you it's not much!    
        As soon as the school bell rang, the doors were unlocked and all the students of North Kila Middle School rushed out like a swarm of bees. It was a beautiful day, but nobody walked home. We all remembered as soon as we left the building that it was to dangerous to walk. So we climbed into our cars and rode home instead, many of us wistful that such a lovely afternoon was going to waste. But we couldn’t help it, for even the birds seemed to have ceased their singing because of the tragedy that had happened the previous evening.
I climbed into my car and told my destination to it. Then, with a small jolt, I was heading home. My car, a shiny silver Futuristic Car, was given to me for my thirteenth birthday. Ever since then I have drove it to wherever I needed to go that was not within walking distance. School was within walking distance, but, as I have said before, today was definitely not a walking day.
Traffic was heavy, but thankfully my pod was only two blocks away, so I wasn’t stuck for to long. My car soon pulled up at the end of the driveway of my pod, and I stepped out, breathing in the fresh air. I looked around before heading inside, and shivered when I thought of what had happened. The neighborhood hardly looked any different, the only difference being no kids playing 
outside. You wouldn’t be able to tell just by looking that something this terrible had occurred.      

Stay tuned for more!

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